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The word “ Meta ” in Meta Esthetique means “ A change or transformation beyond the usual ”



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Discover our new line of ecological and well priced professionnal care products. see our new line of ecological and well priced professional care products see our new line of ecological and well priced professional care products see our new line of ecological and well priced professional care products

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Guinot Esthetic skin care products  A world leader in esthetic products manufacturing.

The era when you choose your products based on the color of their containers has ended. Today, women want active ingredients which perform, the latest scientific formalae offering tangible resulst.

This is the reason why all Guinot products are created by high level scientists. Guinot was the first to conceive treatments containing the 56 active biological ingredients of the cellular environment.

These active biological ingredients can, in hospital settings, generate new skin. The laboratories benefited from these lastest techniques to retain a youthfull skin.

With Guinot, treatments are a sure value. In 30 years, the Guinot line of products has made it a leader in the esthetic world and is considered as the elite for beauty care in more than 60 countries.

Guinot products, methods and treatments are able to cater to all skin types. Their philosophy is based on the principle that Guinot treatments and products are available only through day spas, spas and beauty salons, where Guinot trained therapists have the professional background and qualifications to ensure that clients receive the right treatment and advice. Guinot believes that this expert advice is essential to guarantee a successful treatment, because every client has different needs and expectations.


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Swiss clinics are legendary. Today a new legend is born...

During the aging process, the "batteries" of our body and cells begin to loose some of their energy. Medical science has discovered that you can replenish your body with homogeneous and active cells, it is possible to revitalize the cellular renewall and hence recharge your "batteries".

This revolutionary medical progress is now available within their cosmetic formulae. Dermalab S.A. / Swiss Line allied itself with one of the leaders in cellular therapy to develop a new generation of beauty products made up of botanical ingredients with "vital force" which have lifting and hydrating qualities.

All Swiss Line products are conceived and manufactured in Switzerland, with the most exhautive norms for quality.


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Everything for the well-being of your feet

Consumers have choosen this level of quality for generations. These very efficient products from the Gerlach company, are conceived from natural substances. They constitute excellent treatments against pain in your legs and feet.

All the Gehwol products offer flawless optimal quality based on sophisticated production techniques.

Elaborated by specialist podologists, the Gehwol products are only available where your feet are in good "hands": your feet professionals.

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